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A past life regression is a method of retrieving past life memories through hypnosis. We are able to bring forth healing from fears, traumas, phobias, and receive answers to life's questions when we address the state of the mind, body, and spirit. ​ The healing I have experienced with this modality has been so profound that I was so excited to be able to add it to my tool kit of healing options for my clients. I use this amazing modality to take my clients on a soul-directed journey into the quantum field and to help them navigate the experiences that their Higher Self (and guides) choose for them. It is my belief that each of us is capable of accessing the quantum realm and obtaining insights and guidance from within.   SCHH® (Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis) can help you with: * Getting rid of trauma, phobias, and fears * The removal of energetic blocks and restrictions in the body * We clear earthbound spirits as well as all kinds of entities and artificial intelligence * Healing generational trauma * Chakra system clearing and strengthening * Finding answers to your life's questions * Finding out what your life purpose is * Giving you clarity about your future and a sense of direction * Being able to accept and understand forgiveness * Assistance with career choices and future advancement * Having a clear understanding of your relationship with others (family or friends) * Awakening and developing spirituality * Providing metaphysical answers

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