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Long Road

You have the power and potential within you!Have you ever wondered what you are supposed to do with your life?Who are you and why are you here?Do you have questions about your purpose, relationships, career, or important life choices?Are you struggling with health issues, discomfort, or addictions?Do you feel ready to transform? Ready to heal yourself and change?The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) facilitates spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

Your Higher Self will guide you to your destination if you connect with your inner wisdom.The sky's the limit when it comes to possibilities.No limits apply, except the limits of your own imagination.” - Dolores Cannon

​​There are many reasons why people book a QHHT® session:

*There are some people who are simply curious about the world, while others are seeking better understanding of their life purpose, improvements to their health, relationships, family, or careers.The most important thing they want to know is why their lives have unfolded the way they have, and how to move forward.​In some cases, clients seek treatment in order to improve their health, often suffering from discomfort, depression, pain, addictions, and sometimes, life-threatening illnesses.

Their goal is to improve their lives. Many of them feel a sense of calling or an inner-knowing that they should do "something," but need direction. In some cases, they ask questions about how the universe works, and how to better understand and experience our connection to something greater than ourselves.

​In QHHT®, Dolores Cannon speaks about the evolution and expansion of consciousness. As a result of her technique, clients are able to experience more than just past lives.​People sometimes experience future or parallel lives, as well as lives on other planets or in other dimensions.There are times when people experience important moments in their lives or have a spiritual experience where they speak to guides. There are clients who access the Akashic Records, as well as those who visit the Temple of Healing and the Temple of Wisdom. The QHHT® method is based on the idea that the client's Higher Self will guide them to the most appropriate time and place for them to ask questions or request healing.

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