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An Akashic Record is a record of the Soul's journey since birth, as well as its potential for unfoldment in the future. The Akashic Record consultation involves opening up the records of your Soul, also known as the Book of your Soul.During the Akashic Records consultation, we work with your questions, so it is important to prepare yourself by reflecting on your current life circumstances and where you would like greater clarity.

To a large extent, what happens during the session and what will be discussed is determined by your openness. It is my hope that the insights, guidance, and healing you receive during the session will provide you with support in your life's journey.


In a consultation with me, we open your Akashic Records with a Sacred Prayer, aligning ourselves with the Akashic Records vibration. Prayer carries Divine protection through the Masters,  Teachers, and Loved Ones.

An Akashic Records Consultation can:

*Provide positive actionsProviding support for the development of creative responses

*Contribute to the establishment of healthy, satisfying relationshipsIdentify and solve challenges effectively,

*Bring you closer to the Divine in everything you do.

​​A consultation with the Akashic Record offers deep levels of guidance. You will be able to live your life from your authentic essence with the assistance of the information. It is during this process that you become aware of your choices and move toward wholeness.

With the energy of the Akashic Record, we have the freedom to choose grace in everything, and grace is greater than illusion.​My role is to assist you with accessing the information you require from the Akashic Records. ​

  • It is a 60 mins session.

  • Maximum number of questions - 10


  • *Please prepare your questions ready before the session starts. 


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